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In this study, the consumption of ayahuasca and lopinavir was associated with a higher risk of fatal gastrointestinal bleeding (KQ7). Ayahuasca is a blend of Brazilian hallucinogens (Cinnamomum plant) with a strong psychoactive effect that has a concomitant effect on physiological parameters such as nausea, vomiting, and anxiety. It has also been shown to increase serum prolactin level in breast milk and may improve the delivery of formula. Growth of serum white blood cells was observed with consumption of lopinavir, compared with controls (KQ2). Growth of serum white blood cells during monoamine oxidase test (MAO) release (KQ2). In this study, the long-term effects of ayahuasca and lopinavir on gastrointestinal toxicity and death were evaluated. In the present study, there was a dose-response relationship between ayahuasca use and a variety of outcomes including clinical toxicity, increased mortality, and dose-response variability. In the present study, the single-site contextual evidence review found that ayahuasca use had no statistically significant effects on toxicity, but did increase risk for fatal gastrointestinal bleeding and death. Existing literature on the effects of psychostimulants on CNS neurotransmission. High drug use and adverse events are expected to increase public health concerns related to their use in the future. The few studies on drug use or overdose risk were limited to those that measured the effects relative to the frequency of events. In our systematic review, we identified studies that reported rates for both treatment and nontreatment of poisoning at acute toxicologic doses. Studies showed that people who had received at least one dose of benzodiazepines had higher rates of poisoning than did people who did not receive the benzodiazepine dose. The results of our review did not allow us to explore long-term effects of the long-term use of these compounds. We conducted a sensitivity analysis to determine the association of long-term benzodiazepine use with increasing risk of death. We did not explore the effects of long-term administration of these compounds for respiratory tract infection. Long-term use of these compounds for poisoning was a consistent finding among Chinese and other non-English speaking populations, suggesting the necessity of compassionate use.



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